About Us

“JELO-METAL” is founded in 1993, as a specialized trading company with equipment for welding, electrodes and wires, equipment for gas heating and welding, hand and cutting tools, measuring instruments, industrial wheels for carriages, perifleks couplings, rubbers for perifleks couplings, protective equipment and other maintenance equipment.
“JELO-METAL” is a leading company in the Republic of Macedonia in the area of trading equipment and supplementary materials for welding. The quality of the products that we offer and the services being provided in the sales process is best shown through the satisfaction of the mutual cooperation with more than over 1.000 costumers.

“JELO-METAL” is an authorized dealer for the products of the following companies:

* GCE-Czech Republic – welding, cutting, heating and brazing equipment with propane - butane, acetylene and other gases.

* GYS – France - machines for all types of welding

* TEHNOVAR - Belgrade, Serbia – welding, cutting, heating and spare parts equipment.

* ELEKTROPLAST- Serbia - welding, heating and cutting, spare parts and protective equipment.

* ELEKTRODA ZAGREB - Zapresic, Croatia - welding electrodes and wires

* 11 MART- Srebrenica, Serbian Republic - silver, tin and brass wire for welding and soldering and tin sticks.

* SILIKON-KOMERC- Krusevac, Serbia – perifleks couplings, rubbers for perifleks couplings, hydrodynamic couplings and other rubbers products.